Meridians massage

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Energy flows in the whole body, but preferentially in the network of meridians that links the organs.

Here is a warm-up that awakens the circulation of energy by a self-massage of the main meridians. An excellent starting point for your practice.



  • awakens and stimulates the circulation of energy throughout the body
  • develops bodily presence and self-respect
  • provides a gentle sense of well-being and overall harmony




Cultivate energy 

Standing with your hands below the navel, become aware of your breathing.  Relax the lower back and shoulders. Smile slightly.

Shift the body weight to the right, lift the left heel and gently open the left hip. Place the left foot parallel to the right foot, first the big toe, then each toe one by one, and finally the heel. Bend your knees slightly to drop the tailbone. Feel the weight of the body in the center, resting on the floor. Feel the unity of the whole body and mind.


Left arm meridians massage

Place the right hand below the left collarbone, on the lung meridian. Open the left hand forward, and smooth in the direction of energy flow with the right hand, over the entire internal part of the arm, to stimulate the yin meridians in the upper body: lung, heart and master of the heart. Pass slightly, then return the left hand to stimulate the yang meridians of the upper body: small intestine, large intestine, triple heater.

Do the movement a second time

For the third pass, keep your hand two inches from the arm. Feel the effect on your skin.


Right arm meridians massage

Do the same movements on the other side, because the meridians are symmetrical.


Move smoothly. Involve the whole body: knees, hips, back… Let the pleasure of movement guide you.


Finish at the first point of the lung on the other side.


Legs meridians massage

Place your hands at the level of the kidneys.

Slide the hands behind the legs to stimulate the bladder meridian. Flex if necessary.


Go over the feet, then inside the legs to smooth the yin meridians of the lower body: spleen, liver and kidneys.


Now go down to the side of the legs, which corresponds to the gallbladder meridian.

Go over the foot, and go back inside.


Finally go down almost on the front of the legs, slightly on the side, for the stomach meridian.


Go inside the legs to stimulate the liver, spleen and kidneys.


Unwind the back vertebrae by vertebrae.


Repeat the three passages a few centimeters apart. Feel the effect of the passage of the hands on the skin, but also on the areas of the body linked to the meridians.


Energetic opening of the whole body

Go up along the bust. Open the throat, the face, the back of the head.

Slowly lower your hands to the floor and push gently on the feet to stretch the back of the body.

Bend your knees to come up. Palms up gather energy. Exhale. Lower your hands to the level of the kidneys. Inhale. Use the leg push to accomplish a large circular motion.

Stop at the top of the head, then in front of the face. Go down to the plexus, open and come back to the ears. Stretch upwards, and gently lower your arms.


Cultivate energy 

Finish by placing your hands under the navel, on the lower energetic center.

Feel the energy flowing freely throughout the body.