Welcome to the Dyana Network Republic

An interactive artwork by Garance

Milky Way Galaxy, 3024

For several centuries, humanity has expanded its presence across multiple planets. New diplomatic forms called network nations have developed and changed global balances. They have created transplanetary economic and social spaces, redefined the notions of collaboration, currency, identity and culture. Everywhere individuals can become citizens of these network nations.

One of them is the Dyana Republic.

The citizens of Dyana have developed psychic abilities through advanced consciousness training.

They operate to maintain peace in the Galaxy.


The Seeds

A collection of digital art used by the Dyana citizens to inspire meditative practice.


A new form of society that we imagine through art.

The name Dyana comes from the sanskrit Dhyana (meditation), which became chan in chinese, then zen in japanese. It symbolizes the common essence of meditative practices.

A collection of digital art on meditation that generates Dyana

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