A day of January 3024 at the Olympus Mons Museum, on Mars.

Children of the Stars

Cosmic surfers

Crypto alchemists

Prescient founders

Telepath artists

Composed of the original particles

Connected through Spacetime folds

We are children of the stars

We are the creative energy of the universe 

In the year 3024, a pacified humanity has expanded its presence and life on multiple planets.

The science of MetaLinks, by developing awareness of the fundamental phenomenons unity, has played a major role in this evolution. It views the universe as an immense creative tapestry of causes and conditions, in perpetual evolution. It links us ultimately to the nature of stars, the atoms of our body-mind being composed of particles which go back to the origin of matter itself.

Developing this deep link with the cosmos also means feeling one with all forms of life, and therefore building a more just, happy and peaceful civilization.

Necessary for the development of this form of society, decentralized governance has become a daily part of citizens’ activity, to which children are educated from a very young age. 

On Mars, the Olympus Mons Museum aims to relay the history of this new civilization, of its founders and network institutions. It is also a space of expression for crypto-museography.

In this specific room of the museum, a holographic piece called “Children of the Stars” is presented. A boy and a girl are sitting next to each other, watching it.

It is first an abstraction, which gradually comes to life as cosmic energy, generating visions of a past that has become mythical :

A community coming together at the first symposium of the Agoram, the interplanetary governance, in a harmonious city-node.

Children looking at us beyond SpaceTime, through MetaLinks capacities.

A cybernetic being, also made up of cosmic energy, who awakens to consciousness : an allegory of the Super Intelligence, incarnation of new forms of life and creativity.

Then the creative particles return to abstraction, a large canvas of pure energy on which everyone is invited to paint the evolution of civilization. 

What will be your contribution to the history of the future ?

Picture of Garance