At the very beginning of the 21st century, I had the chance, as a student of a famous film school in France, to obtain a rare invitation to the Cannes Film Festival, and to attend a preview of a Star Wars episode.

Georges Lucas himself was present in the room, and watched the entire film with us.

I then realized, on the eve of my birthday, a double dream: attending the Cannes festival, and approaching the creator of the myths of my childhood.

Since then I have never stopped thinking about this mythological dimension of fiction. Readings by Herbert, Asimov, Eliade, Jung, and many others, my artistic and meditative experiences have always focused on this exploration of consciousness and its fundamental structures.

Dyana was born from this research. A science fiction universe, a society promoting peace and unity, mixing the wisdom of the world with new forms of democracy. More than a utopia, it is a protopia, a form of prototype of what could emerge in a distant time… or not so distant…

This protopia is based on narrative archetypes from the great stories of the East and West, reinvented for our time. Its objectives are to re-enchant democracy, promote peace, and visualize a society in deep harmony with its environment.

While dangers and challenges seem to threaten us from all sides, it seems to me that the world deeply needs to imagine harmonious futures.

Visualization is the necessary prerequisite for action, which generates manifestation. Fictions are fundamental in the sense that they plant the seeds of what is to come.

Dyana draws on the sources of the great science-fiction cycles as well as symbolist painting, borrows from Rimbaud or Buddha, from Taoist legends as well as from environmental questions. It allows us to open up perspectives by drawing step by step the contours of a new civilization.

You enter a mythology of the future.

Welcome !

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